Sample Mining Lease Agreement

An example of the agreement can be downloaded from the base. Anyone who has a mineral claim and has decided to produce minerals from the mineral claim can apply for a mining lease. Some forms may require the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please complete the means of issuance, print them out and send them to the postal address listed in the form or in the Contact service section. A mining lease is a legal agreement that allows the production of minerals. Timberwolf Minerals, LTD (Lessor) leases diversified Resources Inc., (Lessee) unpatented mineral claims as an “A” facility (called property) in Sections 14 and 23, Township 7 South, Range 41 1/2 East, Mt. Diablo Meridian in Esmeralda County, Nevada, USA, under the following conditions: There are two types of coal and mineral leasing – old form that is more advantageous to the landowner, and the short form that is more advantageous to the operator. A company that operates in the leased land must pay the owner a fee for the use of its coal or other minerals. This amount of the licence can be collected in advance and the amount of the licence can be adjusted according to the production of resources and the feasibility of production. A coal and mineral lease refers to a lease document that sets the terms of mining and coal mining on public or private land. These rental documents allow the rental of public or private land for the development of various types of minerals and coal deposits. These are then sent to refineries and factories for sorting and refining and use as fuel or for various purposes.

Ammetco Inc. (Ammetco) undertakes to lease to Maneki Mining Inc. (Maneki) the unpatented Lode Mining claims as Schedule “A” in parts of Sections 14 and 23, T 7S, R 1 E, MDB-M in Owyhee County, Idaho (property), under the following conditions: The mined leasing document is Form 14 of Regulation 86-99 (see form under links) THIS GOLD LEASING CONTRAT (`Mineral Lease`) becomes as of January 23, 201 2 From and between Can Cal Resources, Ltd., a Nevada company, as Lessor (hereafter referred to as “Can-Cal” or “Lessor”) and GoodCorp Inc. as a tenant (hereafter referred to as “GoodCorp” or “Lessee”). INTER: Clyde Jackson and resident at 3426 E. 33rd Avenue Spokane, WA 99223 and Carmin Hansen, a person residing in 15 Meghans Way, Bozeman, MT 59718 (hereafter the “owner”), ET: Steele Resources Incorporated (the “Lessee”), a business organized and exists under the laws of the State of Nevada, headquartered in: 3081 Alhambra Drive Suite 208 Cameron Park, CA 95682 . This mineral lease agreement with option to purchase (“agreement”) is concluded on April 15, 2007 between Philip J. Sterling, whose address is 6121 Rosetree Place NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87111, Manuel R.