Sai Global Consultancy Agreement

It can be complicated. In addition, licensing options are more limited and range from a license to a simple view of the type of contract (in filigree “internal use only”) to the right to print and issue a certain number of copies of the contract. For more information on the options available, see or on the SAI Global website. That`s why Maddocks has prepared previous contracts for consulting services. There are a number of standard contracts for the appointment of senior advisors and small consultants, for design and non-design services. Talk to a member of our Construction and Projects team if you have any questions about licensing agreements for Standard Australia hardware, or if you would like to know more about our previous changes to Standards Australia contracts or previous consultant agreements. As a general rule, licences require that, for every copy of the contract established by the Commission, royalties be paid for each conclusion, offer and copy of execution. This means that the Commission is required to pay the fees indicated for each copy of the agreement awarded to bidders as part of the tendering process. In a tendering process, it is generally accepted that versions of the tender are awarded to at least two competing bidders, so that royalties must be paid for at least two copies of the contract.

Similarly, at least two copies of the final contract are normally issued, allowing the Commission and the contractor to retain an original copy. Here too, a fee must be paid for each execution copy. In general, projects or work copies issued during the negotiation process do not attract royalties, provided that these copies are clearly identified as such by the inclusion of a watermark in the document. In most cases, councils will want to control the issuance of documents to bidders, either through their own electronic portals or through other means. For this reason, in general, we believe that it is more effective for the Commission to obtain its own licence for the distribution of copies of tenders and execution of the revised agreement (option 2). In this scenario, Maddocks will prepare the special conditions with our SAI Global license.